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A.            Table of Contents

B.            League Information

      1.             Name

      2.             Headquarters

      3.             Objectives

C.            League Constitution

      4.             Constitution

      5.             Constitution Amendments

D.            Board of Directors

      6.             Authority

      7.             Area Representatives

      8.             Executive Members

      9.             Elections and Length of Term

      10.           Duties and Votes

          10.0     Chairman

          10.1     Vice-Chairman

          10.2     Secretary

          10.3     Voting Privileges

      11.           Indemnity

      12.           Honorarium

E.             League Meetings

      13.           Minutes

      14.           Voting

      15.           Annual General Meetings

      16.           Board of Directors Meetings

      17.           Special Meetings

      18.           Representation

      19.           Meeting Agendas

F.             Fields & Facilities

      20.           Grounds and Equipment

          20.0     Fields

          20.1     Protective Equipment

          20.2     Balls

G.            Registration & Membership

      21.           Membership

          21.1     Application

          21.2     Acceptance

          21.3     Expulsion

          21.4     DEFUNCT CLUBS

          21.5     Bonds for Senior Teams

      22.           Fees

      23.           Team Regulations

      24.           REGISTRATION OF PLAYERS

          24.1     Eligibility

          24.2     Limits on Players

          24.3     Player registration period

      25.           Call-Ups

      26.           Player Transfers

      27.           Competitions

          27.0     League Championships

          27.1     Cup and Playoff Competitions

          27.2     Extra Time

      28.           Postponement of Fixtures

      29.           Non-Appearance for Fixtures

      30.           Clash of Colours

      31.           Game Record (Scoresheet)

      32.           Trophies

          32.1     Louis Shephard Award: (Advancement of Sport)

          32.2     Lions Club Trophy

          32.3     Gerald MacDonald Dedication Award

          32.4     Brian Filion Leadership Award

H.            RULES OF PLAY

      33.           general rules of play

      34.           Length of Game

      35.           Mercy Rule (Minors only)

      36.           Players & Substitutions

I.              Game Officials

      37.           Game Officials

      38.           Payment & Fines

J.             Discipline

      39.           Disciplinary Committee

      40.           Disciplinary Committee Hearings

      41.           Fines & Suspensions

      42.           Ineligibility

      43.           Discipline of a Member

K.            Protests & Appeals

      44.           Protests

          44.1     Submission of protest

      45.           Appeals

          45.1     Appeal fee

          45.2     Limiting Date

      46.           Dispute Resolution

L.            General

      47.           HARASSMENT

      48.           Accounts

      49.           Security   26



       B. League Information

    1.0.1               The name of the league shall be the Glengarry Soccer League (short-title:  LEAGUE), herein referred to as                             the League.

2.      Headquarters
    2.0.1               The League shall have its headquarters in the County of Glengarry, in the Province of Ontario (within                                   the EODSA boundaries).

3.      Objectives
    3.0.1               To encourage and promote the game of amateur soccer in the County of Glengarry.
    3.0.2               To administer and control clubs affiliated to the League.
    3.0.3               To take proper steps to enforce the regulations of soccer and the League’s constitution.
    3.0.4               To conduct League and Cup championships as per the League’s constitution.

      C. League Constitution

    4.0.1               The constitution shall:         Govern the powers of the League and its members.         Set out roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.         Set out league rules.

5.      Constitution Amendments
    5.0.1               Changes to the constitution and by-laws can only be made at the AGM.
    5.0.2               All proposed amendments must be submitted to the league in writing no less than two (2) weeks prior                                 to the AGM.
    5.0.3               Proposed amendments that meet the requirements of this section shall be tabled for discussion and                                   vote at the AGM.
    5.0.4               Proposed amendments that are tabled during the AGM can be further altered and re-worded during the                             AGM before the vote takes place.
    5.0.5               Any amendments that receive a majority vote at the AGM will be dealt with as follows:        Constitution will be updated.        New revision of constitution will be distributed to the area representatives by the League. 
    5.0.6               Notwithstanding the above, the Board shall reserve the right to overrule the constitution in such cases                               where the application of its rules shall be contrary to the spirit of fair play and the interests of the                                       League.        A motion that is contrary to the constitution or its by-laws must be clearly in the interest of fair play                                  and  must have the support of ¾ (three quarters) of the support of ALL of the Area Representatives                                      registered with the League to pass.

      D. Board of Directors

    6.0.1               The Board of Directors will act in accordance with the League’s Constitution. 
    6.0.2               The League shall be a member of the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) and Ontario                                 Soccer Association (OSA).
    6.0.3               If a situation should arise not covered by the League Constitution, OSA rules shall prevail.
    6.0.4               The Board of Directors will be empowered to amend the Constitution to rule in the best interest of the                               League. 
    6.0.5               All members of the Board of Directors shall be subject to the Conflict of Interest Policy 21.0 in the OSA’s                             published rules.

7.      Area Representatives
    7.0.1               The Board of Directors shall consist of one representative from each of the following areas, provided                                   the area has a team playing in the League:         Dunvegan         McCrimmon         Maxville         Apple Hill Flames         Alexandria         Glen Sandfield         Laggan/Pine Grove         Greenfield         Vankleek Hill       Char-Lan       Hearts                North Lancaster/Glen Nevis         
    7.0.2               The area representative is to be appointed by the Recreation Association of each area (if one exists), or                               at a public meeting called within the area.
    7.0.3               Teams that are not associated with one of the above-mentioned areas will be allowed to name a                                           representative who can attend meetings for information-gathering purposes.  However, they will not be                             part of the Board of Directors and will not be allowed a vote.

8.      Executive Members
    8.0.1               The Board of Directors shall include an Executive Committee consisting of the following positions:         Chairman         Vice-chairman         Secretary         Referee-in-Chief         Head Coach         Chair of Discipline

9.      Elections and Length of Term
    9.0.1               The length of term for each position of the League’s Board of Directors shall be one year. 
    9.0.2               Elections will be held annually for all positions at the League’s annual general meeting (AGM).
    9.0.3               Any elected member to the Board, if found to be wanting in Leadership or not acting in the best interest                             of the League, can be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

10.    Duties and Votes
  10.0        Chairman
    10.0.1            The chairman shall:    Preside at all meetings of the League, the Executive, and any committee of which he is chairman.    Have the power to act in an emergency on any matter affecting the welfare and well-being of the League                           without prior approval of the Board.    Instruct the Secretary to call meetings (board or general) when necessary, or at the request of the                                       majority of the Board.
  10.1        Vice-Chairman
    10.1.1            The vice-chairman shall:    In the absence of the chairman, exercise all duties of the chairman.    Attend all meetings.
  10.2        Secretary
    10.2.1            The Secretary-treasurer shall:    Give notice of meetings and keep record of them    Attend all meetings    Attend to general and organizational work of the League as directed by the Board    Attend to all necessary correspondence    Keep full account of receipts and disbursements    Deposit all League monies and present a statement of account annually    Ensure that the secretary-treasurer and one of two other executive members have cheque signing                                       privileges    Attend to publicity as required
  10.3        Voting Privileges
    10.3.1            Only Area Representatives or their designate and members of the Executive may vote at League                                            meetings with the exception of the Secretary who must remain completely impartial on league matters.
    10.3.2            The Chairman shall not vote on any issues unless his/her vote is required to break a tie vote.

11.    Indemnity
    11.0.1            Members of the Board of Directors or other servants to the Club, their heirs, executors, administrators                              and estate and effects respectively shall be indemnified and saved harmless at all times by the Club                                    against all costs, losses, and expenses incurred by them respectively in or about the discharge of their                                respective duties, except such as happens from their own respective willful neglect or default.      

12.    Honorarium
    12.0.1            Honorariums may be awarded to any officer of the Executive. Such honorariums shall be determined at                              the AGM.
    12.0.2            Officers resigning before the term of their appointment shall receive a proportional amount of the                                      honorarium as determined by the Executive.

     E. League Meetings

    13.0.1            Minutes will be recorded for all League meetings.
    13.0.2            Minutes of all League meetings will be distributed to area reps at the next meeting.

14.    Voting
    14.0.1            A majority of Board members (or their representatives) shall form a quorum.
    14.0.2            Voting shall be by show of hands unless one or more board member requests a ballot vote.
    14.0.3            Majority votes will decide issues at meetings unless otherwise specified in the Constitution.
    14.0.4            In the case of a meeting where quorum is met, the departure of any member(s) shall not affect the                                      legality of subsequent votes and decisions at that meeting.

15.    Annual General Meetings
    15.0.1            The AGM shall be held within thirty (30) days of the end of the official season, the date of which shall be                              set by the Executive.

16.    Board of Directors Meetings
    16.0.1            The Board of Directors shall meet from time to time as determined by the Chairman but not less                                          frequently than one (1) month intervals during the playing season.

17.    Special Meetings
    17.0.1            Special meetings may be requested by any member(s) of the League.  The reason for the meeting shall                                be specified in writing by the Requestor(s).
    17.0.2            The Secretary, upon receiving the request, shall notify the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    17.0.3            A meeting of the Board shall be convened by the secretary upon the advice of the chairman (or upon the                            written request of any member of the Board).  An effort should be made to call the meeting at a time                                  that will enable all members to be present.
    17.0.4            The secretary shall notify all board members of the purpose a minimum of 48 hours prior to the                                            meeting.
    17.0.5            If a meeting has not been called by the chairman or the board of directors within seven (7) days of the                                request, the requester(s) may convene a meeting.

18.    Representation
    18.0.1            Each member of the Board of Directors must be present at meetings.  If a member of the board is                                        unavailable, he/she must have a capable person represent them at the meeting.
    18.0.2            A fine of $50.00 shall be levied against any member of the Board of Directors for each meeting that is                                  not attended by them or their representative.

19.    Meeting Agendas
    19.0.1            The agenda of the annual general meeting shall be as follows:    Presentation of credentials and determination of eligible voters    Roll Call    Minutes of the Last Annual General Meeting    Business arising from the Minutes and Communications    President’s report    Treasurer’s report and Financial statement    Secretary’s report and Communications    Committee reports    Minor Soccer Reports        Consideration of amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws        Vote on amendments to the Constitution        General Business        Election of Executive for the following year        Adjournment or close of meeting.

    F. Field & Facilities

    20.0.1            The Area Representatives are responsible for the conditions of the fields in their area.  This includes:    Maintaining a proper, safe playing surface.    Supplying and maintaining goal structures and nets.    Proper marking of the playing surface.    The supply and use of corner flags for all minor soccer.    The use of corner flags for all senior soccer.
  20.1     Protective Equipment
    20.1.1         Footwear shall be either running shoes or approved soccer shoes. 
    20.1.2         Shin guards are mandatory for all divisions, and socks must cover shin guards completely.
    20.1.3         All metal or hard plastic knee braces must be covered while a player is on the field.
  20.2     Balls
    20.2.1         Under-6 will use a #3 size ball.
    20.2.2         Under-8 will use a #4 size ball
    20.2.3         All other teams will use a # 5 size ball, or as determined by the League.

    G. Registration & Membership

    21.0.1            The League shall be comprised of teams in good standing as approved by the League Executive.
    21.0.2            Open to all clubs within the jurisdiction of The League.
  21.1     Application:
    21.1.1            Application for Membership to this League must be made by a letter of application to the League                                          secretary. The fee for membership must accompany the application.
    21.1.2            Application for membership may be made at any time but not later than April 1st of the current season.
    21.1.3            Clubs/teams changing their names must also apply for membership
  21.2     Acceptance
    21.2.1            Acceptance of Applications will be determined at the AGM or a General meeting.
    21.2.2            Applications receiving rejection votes by more than 1/3 of the members with voting powers shall not be                              accepted.
  21.3     Expulsion
    21.3.1            If, in their opinion any member of the League a Club (or anyone associated with the club) is not acting in                            the best interests of the League, the member can submit a written request for a special league meeting                              as per the “League Meetings” section of the constitution.    A 2/3 voting majority is required to expel a club from the League.    If the person(s) involved is/are spectator(s), the Executive is empowered to seek action by the                                               appropriate Municipal Authority.
    21.3.2            A club which has been expelled will be regarded as a new member for any future applications for                                         membership in this League.
  21.4     DEFUNCT CLUBS
    21.4.1            A team shall be considered defunct when it has received the consent of the Board to cease operations,                              or has been declared defunct by the Board.
    21.4.2            Should a team be declared defunct during the season the results and records of all games played that                                season shall stand.  All remaining scheduled games for that team shall be awarded as a win by default                                to the opposing teams.
    21.4.3            Any player registered for a team which has been declared defunct by the Board may be transferred                                     (with fee) to any other team at any time at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  21.5     Bonds for Senior Teams
    21.5.1            Bonds will be required for all new senior teams.
    21.5.2            Bond amounts shall be determined by the Board of Directors and shall be paid as per the “Fees” section                              of this document.
    21.5.3            Bonds shall be returned in full or in part to teams when requested in writing by the team representative                            on the following conditions:    Bonds will only be returned after the full season has been completed.    Bonds will not be returned to teams with any outstanding fines.    The Board of Directors shall have the authority to withhold all or part of a team’s bond based on the                                   team’s past or present actions.

22.    Fees
    22.0.1            The amount of the annual membership fee will be established by the Board of Directors at the Annual                                General Meeting.
    22.0.2            All teams indebted to the League on the first day of April shall be notified by the Treasurer of the                                         amount of their indebtedness, and if the said fee is not paid before or on April 15th, their membership                               will cease. They may be re-instated by the Board upon full payment of their debt.

23.    Team Regulations
    23.0.1            Each area representatives shall be responsible for furnishing the Board Secretary with a list of the                                        names and phone members of its coaches not later than May 15th of the current season.  Any change to                            said list shall be forwarded in writing to the Secretary of the League within 7 days of the change.
    23.0.2            No member team shall arrange a non-scheduled game without first obtaining permission of the Board.
    23.0.3            No member team shall play a non-scheduled game or train on fields within the League jurisdiction                                      without first obtaining permission from the Field Committee.
    23.0.4            Each team must receive Board approval for using a jersey colour that does not match their area colour                             (the Board to keep a record of area colour).    A team that does not follow this rule will be fined an appropriate amount by the Board.    Any team that does not follow this rule will be forced to provide a change of jerseys if a conflict with                                   another team arises.
    23.0.5            All communications from the Board to the teams shall be directed to the area or team representative                                  and it shall be their responsibility to carry out the received instructions.
    23.0.6            Every team is responsible to the Board for the action of its players and officers, and is required to take                                all precautions necessary to prevent violence or threats towards officials and players.
    23.0.7            No barrister or solicitor shall represent any team, official or player at the hearing of a protest, unless                                  he/she is an area representative of that team and has been such for a period of at least three months                                immediately preceding the protest claim, complaint or appeal.

    24.0.1            All players shall be registered on the official registration form as prescribed by the League. Registration                              Forms will be completed with all portions correctly signed and dated and forwarded to the Secretary of                              the League. Registration forms, which are not properly completed, shall not be accepted. 
  24.1     Eligibility
    24.1.1            Any player who is under suspension in another League will not be eligible for play in the League.
    24.1.2            Minor players must be within the proper age range to register with a team.    Any minor player challenged as to age must submit proof of age to secretary within one week of age                                   being challenged. Proof not forthcoming results in suspension.
    24.1.3            Senior Tier-II league players must be 29 years of age as of December 31st of the previous year.
    24.1.4            Senior players who are old enough to play in the Tier-II league can register for both leagues, but must                                  pay separate registration fees.
    24.1.5            Final registration dates for the season are:    July 1st for minor league.    August 1st for senior leagues.    Board approval is required for minors moving into the area after July 1st.
    24.1.6            Registration Form (and fee) of a player must be in the hands of the Secretary or his/her alternate during                            working hours, not less than 24 hours prior to his/her playing in a regular scheduled game.
    24.1.7            Players eligible for their 1st year of U19 (ie. Have just passed age cut off for U16), must register as an                                    U19 and cannot register with Senior or Tier II teams.
    24.1.8            All players shall be amateurs.
    24.1.9            Minor players who sign after the final advertised registration date must go to whichever team has the                                lowest amount of players in the appropriate division.
    24.1.10         Minor players who register in an area other than the one they usually play for may be asked to return                                 to their “home team”
  24.2     Limits on Players
    24.2.1            All minor teams are limited to signing 6 call-up cards
    24.2.2            Senior teams allowed 20 registration cards plus 6 call-up cards.
    24.2.3            Minor team coaches may choose to close their team once the amount of players registered to the team                              reaches 17 for full field teams and 13 for micro field teams. Once a team is closed it cannot be reopened                            and accept more players.
    24.2.4            Registration cards for players cannot be picked up by the coaches before the re-organizational meeting                              of each new soccer season. The cards must have the League stamp and year shown on them for all                                      divisions.
  24.3     Player registration period
    24.3.1            After a player is officially registered with a team for the current season, they shall remain registered                                    with that team until the next Annual General Meeting at which time he/she will become a free agent.

25.    Call-Ups
    25.0.1            Players can only be called “up” to higher divisions and to a maximum of two (2) age divisions higher.
    25.0.2            Playoff games do not count towards the limits on call-up games.
    25.0.3            Lower division players can be called up to play unlimited games to a higher division team provided they                              have signed a call-up card.  Parent’s signature must be on call up forms for underage players. Regular                                  division coaches must be informed that one of their players will be playing for a higher division team.
    25.0.4            The call-up is obligated to play their registered division first.  If a player chooses to play in a higher                                        division game instead of playing with their registered division first without written permission from                                    their coaches, the player will be considered an ineligible player and the team will be penalized                                              accordingly.
    25.0.5            There shall be no call-ups permitted for the either the Tier II men or women’s leagues. 
    25.0.6            Only players registered to a GSL team are eligible to be used as call ups. Players registered solely to a                                  competitive team are not permitted to sign a call up card for a GSL team.
    25.0.7            Once a player signs as a call up, that card is used regardless of whether he/she ever plays for the team.

26.    Player Transfers
    26.0.1            A transfer or release must occur before July 1st.
    26.0.2            A written transfer request must be submitted to the League before a transfer can take place.    A $50.00 transfer or release fee must accompany any transfer request.
    26.0.3            A team shall not obstruct a player from transferring unless he/she has financial obligations to the team.
    26.0.4            Once transferred he/she cannot transfer back. 

27.    Competitions
  27.0        League Championships
    27.0.1            League championships will be determined by team point totals at the end of the regular season.
    27.0.2            Team points will be assessed as follows:    Win:  3 pts    Draw:  1 pt    Loss:  0 pts
    27.0.3            Teams are not permitted to play games for double points; if a team cannot make a scheduled game they                            will be required to forfeit points to the opposing team.
    27.0.4            Senior leagues:  In the case of a 1st place tie at the end of the regular season, the championship will be                              decided in the following format 1 – head to head record, 2 – goal differential. If still tied, the Board will                                determine a satisfactory method for decide placement.
    27.0.5            Minor leagues:  In case of a 1st place tie, the championship will be decided based on comparison of                                      statistics as follows:    Season record between the teams    THEN    The most wins    THEN    Goals for and against.
  27.1     Cup and Playoff Competitions
    27.1.1            A player must be officially registered and eligible for league competition in order to be eligible for any                               cup or playoff competition.
    27.1.2            To be eligible for playoffs, player must have played a minimum of 40% of regularly scheduled games in                                the division where they are registered.    If a player is injured, games missed due to the injury count towards the 40% minimum as long as they                                 are marked as such on the score sheet. No more than 2 games missed due to injury shall count towards                             the 40% unless a Doctor’s note is provided.    Any other special circumstances will be brought up at a board meeting and will then be decided if the                                 player is entitled to count the game(s) missed.
    27.1.3            Playoffs semi-finals rounds in Tier 2 and Senior divisions shall be 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd.    For the Tier II Men, all teams make the playoffs.    For the minors the format of the first round will be as follows:    6 Team division:  3 vs. 6          4 vs. 5   (1st place plays the lowest winner, while 2nd place plays                                                 the highest winner.    7 Team division:  1st receives bye,     2 vs. 7       3 vs. 6      4 vs. 5   (1st plays lowest winner, other 2 winners                           play each other)    8 Team division:  1 vs. 8            2 vs. 7            3 vs. 6            4 vs. 5    9 Team division:         8 vs. 9    (after this game, follow as per 8 team division)    10 Team division: to be decided by League.
    27.1.4            For Tier II Men, semi-finals and finals will be a best of three series following the format of 27.1.3.
    27.1.5            For Senior Men and Senior Women, semi-finals will be a best of three series and the final will be a best                                of five.
    27.1.6            The playoff finals may be single game or four point series, depending on the league’s decision.
    27.1.7            A team who forfeits a Cup/Tournament/Playoff game will be out and the opposing team will advance                                 and can win the trophy.
    27.1.8           Only senior teams will have playoffs for the indoor season.
  27.2     Extra Time
    27.2.1            All senior playoff games under the jurisdiction of the League will be decided in sudden-death extra time                           (unlimited 45 minute periods) if the score is tied at the end of regulation time.
    27.2.2            All minor playoff games will be decided by two 10 minutes sudden-death extra time if the score is tied at                            the end of regulation time.  If after the extra time, the teams are still tied, penalty shots will be used to                             decide the winner.
    27.2.3            In senior games, a coin toss is taken again to determine sides.

28.         Postponement of Fixtures
    28.0.1            For minors – A minor game may be postponed due to a school function that affects the teams involved,                              with a minimum of 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled game time, and with permission of the                              League Secretary or Chairman.
    28.0.2            For Seniors – A senior game may be postponed due to EOSSA/OFSAA that affects the teams involved,                                  with a minimum of 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled game time, and with permission of the                              League Secretary or Chairman.
    28.0.3            The Secretary will reschedule the game for the next Sunday at an available time and field location.
    28.0.4            Postponement due to weather is the decision of the Referee. (Lightning during game)
    28.0.5            If a severe storm warning is issued by Environment Canada, and is in effect for game hours, coaches will                            be notified by the GSL office that all games will be cancelled for that night
    28.0.6            In cases where use of the field would cause lasting damage to the field, it is the responsibility of the                                    Field Committee to postpone the game and to notify the teams, referee and secretary of their decision                                by 6:00pm on game night.

29.         Non-Appearance for Fixtures
    29.0.1            A “Team” shall be in accordance with FIFA rules, consist of a minimum of seven players. (U-6, U-8, and                                  U10 have a minimum of five players).
    29.0.2            A team failing to field the minimum number of players by the scheduled kick-off time shall:    Forfeit the points to the opposing team    Shall have a score 0-2 assessed against them    Shall be fined by the Board a minimum of $90.00 plus the total Officials’ fees for the game (senior                                         divisions only)
    29.0.3            With a minimum of 24 hours before game notice, a Senior team may forfeit a regular season game with                              no fine imposed with the permission of the league secretary/Board member. (see section 41.0.9                                            regarding Playoff/Cup games)
    29.0.4            If both teams agree, in advance, to forfeit a game no fine will be assessed. Both teams will receive a loss                            indicated in their record.
    29.0.5            A team who forfeits a game will receive no credit towards the required amount of games played for                                    playoff eligibility or towards suspensions needing to be served. For the team who wins the forfeit, the                                game will count as a game played and as a suspension served.

30.         Clash of Colours
    30.0.1            Coaches will ensure that at no time their goalkeepers’ uniform resembles that worn by their own team                              or that of the opposition.
    30.0.2            When two teams with similar jersey colour have a scheduled game, the away team will wear pinnies or                              an alternate jersey colour.

31.         Game Record (Scoresheet)
    31.0.1            The designated home team will be responsible for providing the game official with the official record                                  containing both the players’ name and numbers for both teams prior to the second half kick-off.
    31.0.2            The coach must submit the full name of each player playing in the game. No initials or nicknames will be                            accepted.
    31.0.3            Additional names may not be added following the second half kick-off.
    31.0.4            Failure to appropriately complete all sections of the forms shall incur a $25.00 fine on each occasion.
    31.0.5            All game officials must sign the game report at the conclusion of the game. For any red cards produced,                              a written report must accompany the game sheet when returned to the League office.
    31.0.6            The coaches of the teams playing are permitted to check the report at the end of the game previous to                              the referee writing his comments.
    31.0.7            The names of players who were not present at the game but whose names appear on the game record                              must be removed by the coach prior to submission to the referee.

32.         Trophies
    32.0.1            All cups and trophies are the property of the League. Trophies will not be handed out to the recipients.
    32.0.2            Selection of Senior trophy winners shall be according to the following guidelines:    Each team is to submit to the Secretary, by the required date, two (2) candidates for each trophy for                                   which they are eligible.    The Secretary shall compile a listing of the submitted candidates and send it to the area representatives                           for distribution to the appropriate teams.    A team cannot vote for its own candidates.    Each team has one vote and is to select from the circulated list of eligible candidates a first, second and                             third choice.    Senior Play-off MVP: - awarded as co-winners – one from each team in final.
    32.0.3            Selection of Minor trophy winners shall be according to the following guidelines:    Candidates for trophies will be compiled from nominations on regular season score-sheets.    Voting then goes by the above rules for seniors with the exception of the U8 and U10 divisions whose                                 winners are chosen “out of a hat”
    32.0.4            The area or team representative will be responsible for getting the completed ballots back to the                                          Secretary by the designated date.
    32.0.5            The Chairman and the Secretary will be responsible for tabulating the votes:    5 pts for every 1st place vote    3 pts for every 2nd place vote    1 pt for every 3rd place vote
  32.1        Louis Shephard Award: (Advancement of Sport)
    32.1.1            Each area will nominate one representative and the Board will determine the winner through a vote.
  32.2        Lions Club Trophy
    32.2.1            Each area will nominate one representative and the Board will determine the winner through a vote.
    32.2.2            Ballots are cast in a sealed envelope.
    32.2.3            Counting of the ballots to be done in the spring by the chairman of the Sportsman Dinner.
  32.3        Gerald MacDonald Dedication Award
    32.3.1            To be determined by a selection committee picked by the Board.
  32.4        Brian Filion Leadership Award

    H. Rules of Play

    33.0.1            The rules for all outdoor competitions will follow the FIFA Laws of the Game.    Exceptions and special rules are listed in the sections below.
    33.0.2            Sliding is never permitted for the Coed-U10 divisions. For U12-Senior/T2 divisions. sliding is permitted as                            per FIFA rules; to keep a ball in play or to prevent a goal. Slide tackles (contact with player before the                                  ball) are never permitted in any division.
    33.0.3        There is to be NO soccer related event held on the night of the Glengarry Sports Hall of Fame dinner.

34.         Length of Game
    34.0.1            Games shall consist of two (2) halves.
    34.0.2            Each League, Cup and Playoff game half will be timed by the game official as follows:    Senior - 45 min    U19 & U16 - 35 min    U14, U12, & U10 - 30 min    U8 - 25 min    U6 - 20 min     Indoor – 25 min
    34.0.3            The length of halves can be altered for special tournaments (ie: Gerald MacDonald, etc) if the format is                                determined in advance, or if teams mutually agree before the game or if extenuating circumstances                                    exist.
    34.0.4            If the game is terminated before regulation time, it will be replayed in its entirety unless 80% of the full                              game’s regulation time is complete

35.         Mercy Rule (Minors only)
    35.0.1             A game shall be officially ended when the difference in scored between the teams competing has                                         reached the following levels:      U8 - 5 goals      U10 & older - 8 goals
    35.0.2             The coach of the team that is trailing when the game is ended has the choice to:      Continue with the game as is.  In this case, any further goals no longer count      Continue the game as a practice (teams can swap players) U8 – U14 divisions only      Any U16 or U19 division game that reaches a mercy rule point is not permitted to continue as a                                             practice.  The game is officially over and all players must leave the field.      Forfeit the rest of the game
    35.0.3             Any discipline handed out during a game AFTER a mercy rule will be recorded.

36.         Players & Substitutions
    36.0.1            Micro (U6, U8, and U10) teams may dress a maximum of 14 players.
    36.0.2            Senior and Youth (U12, U14, U16, & U19) teams may dress up to 20 players.
    36.0.3            Players will be allowed onto the field of play providing:    Their name has been placed on the score sheet prior to the start of the game’s 2nd half.    Permission granted by the referee.
    36.0.4            Substitutions will be allowed on:    Goal kicks    Kick-offs after goals    Injuries.    Throw-ins (for minor & tier-II divisions only).  A team can request a substitution on only their own throw-                            in.  However, if the opposing team requests a substitution on their throw-in, the defending team can                                  also substitute.
    36.0.5            A team may change its goalkeeper at any time providing permission has been granted by the referee

I. Game Officials

37.         Game Officials
    37.0.1            In the event of non-appearance of the appointed game official by the stipulated kick-off time, the two                                teams may appoint, by mutual agreement, a game official as required    Should there be no mutual agreement on the appointment of a game official, then the game will be                                      postponed until rescheduled by the League.
    37.0.2            The Referee Assignor shall prepare and circulate to the secretary prior to the beginning of the schedule,                            a list of the referees assigned to each regularly scheduled game.
    37.0.3            The referee has the right to warn the coach of a team whose fan(s) is disrupting the game. The coach                                  shall speak to the offender. If the coach refuses or the fan continues after being warned, the coach will                              be ejected. Further problems will mean the game will be terminated and the League will investigate the                              fans conduct and possibly bar him/her from further games. The game will be awarded to the non-                                        offending team.  The area responsible will be expected to deal with the problem before it reaches this                                final stage.
    37.0.4            Linesmen will be required for all games in Senior, Tier II, U-19 and U-16 boys Divisions.
    37.0.5            The game official if giving a caution to any player must produce and show to that player being cautioned                            a yellow card.  ** Players are required to leave the field after receiving a yellow card.
    37.0.6            The game official if ejecting a player out of the game must produce and show to that player being                                        ejected a red card. The official must then submit a written report to accompany the game record to be                                reviewed by the League and Discipline Committee.

38.         Payment & Fines
    38.0.1            The amount of the game fee(s) shall be determined by the Board.
    38.0.2            Game official(s), appointed by the Referee Assignor, that fail to appear by stipulated kick-off time shall                                be fined at the discretion of the Board    The fined official(s) are required to officiate at the rescheduled game without recompense.
    38.0.3            Game Official, Senior, will receive a $25.00 fine and a  Minor Official, a $10.00 fine, for not submitting to                              the League Secretary the game record within 48hrs of completion of the game.

     J. Discipline

    39.0.1            The Disciplinary Committee shall be made up of two Co-chairpersons and the Referee-in-chief to be                                    voted in by the Board of Directors at the re-organizational meeting.
    39.0.2            The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to deal with reported violations of the Laws of the                                    Game and the rules, regulations and By-Laws of the League and in the cases of any infractions of the                                  fore-going, or of any un-sportsmanlike conduct, or any action tending to bring the game into disrepute,                              or to be against the best interests, summon before it any team, player or official, or member for the                                    purpose of inquiring into said offence.    In the event of a suspension coming at the end of a season, such suspension will carry over to the next                               season of play (this does not apply for yellow cards).    In the case of a suspension coming prior to any game, such suspension will carry on through the                                           schedule and games missed will be counted as part of the suspension.    In the case of physical violence against game officials, the incident will be handled by the Board in                                       accordance with the OSA guidelines.    Tournament games missed (Gerald McDonald, etc.) shall not count as games served towards                                                 suspensions. All players must be eligible for League play to participate in tournaments.    Suspensions earned for red cards in a tournament game shall count towards the regular season and                                   playoffs.
    39.0.3            In the event of any team, player, official or member being proven to satisfaction of the Disciplinary                                      Committee to have been guilty of any reported violations of the Laws of the game, the rules and                                          regulations and by-laws of the League or of the Ontario Soccer Association, or any misconduct, the                                     Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to impose fines and/or order the offending team, player,                                 official or member to be removed from membership or suspended for a period of time: as set down in                               the Policy 9.0 – STANDARD PENALTIES FOR MISCONDUCT of the Ontario Soccer Association Rules of                                     Governance for Players, Team Officials or Game Officials.

40.         Disciplinary Committee Hearings
    40.0.1            Every team/player shall have the right to be present and to have a written statement at any disciplinary                            committee hearing which involves that team/player
    40.0.2            Assault or attempted assault upon any game official is within the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary                                            Committee. Such serious infractions are handled in accordance with CSA directives.

41.         Fines & Suspensions
    41.0.1            The Disciplinary Committee of the League has the right to levy fines and/or suspensions against teams                                and/or players.
    41.0.2            Non-payment of fines:    A player, failing to pay a fine within seven days from the post-marked date of notification by the                                           Secretary may at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee be suspended from any future games until                           the fine is paid.    A team failing to pay a fine within seven days from the postmarked date of notification shall be                                             suspended from any future games until the fine is paid.    It is the duty of the area director to notify the suspended player or coach immediately and advise them                             the suspension takes effect immediately; in the absence of the director, the secretary notifies the player.
    41.0.3            Any team playing a suspended player will automatically forfeit the game and have a score of 0-2                                            assessed against them.                                                                                                                                                           41.0.4           A suspended players name must appear on the score sheet with “suspended” indicated beside it.                   41.0.5           Any suspended player who attends a game must be pointed out to the referee by the team coach.  If                                   this player causes any issues while at the field, the referee will document it and further suspension will                               be handed out by the Discipline committee. (1-3 games)                                                                                               41.0.6           Suspended games do not count toward the 40% of games played required for playoff eligibility.                      41.0.7           The league has the power in these instances to further discipline the player and/or coach who                                               played illegally, or was illegally present.
    41.0.8           Drinking on the player’s bench is never permitted during a game. If a referee reports that drinking on the                           bench occurred, a fine of $105 will be imposed on the team. This fine is equivalent to the team bond                                   which must be paid in full before the team is permitted to play another game.                                                       41.0.9           A team who forfeits a Cup/Tournament/Playoff  game will be out and the opposing team will advance                                and can win the trophy. The forfeiting team will be fined their team bond as well as the referee fees.
    41.0.10        Any coach reported for Unsporting behaviour will be dealt with and if appropriate will receive a one                                    game suspension.                                                                                                                                                                       41.0.11        Any coach who pulls their team off the field will be disciplined. A first offence will receive a three game                              suspension. Second offences will result in the coach being suspended for the remainder of the season.

    41.0.12        Any player suspended will also receive a $50.00 fine which must be paid in full by the player before they                            are permitted to play in another game.

42.         Ineligibility
    42.0.1            An ineligible player shall be one whose name does not appear on the score-sheet or one who is not                                      registered properly with the league or who is under suspension.
    42.0.2            A team playing a proven ineligible player or players shall forfeit the points, automatically lose 0-2, and at                            the discretion of the Executive, either the team or player(s) shall be fined $50.00. Protest will not cause a                            waiver from the ruling.
    42.0.3            A suspended player must serve his games in the division he/she is registered with regardless of where                                the suspension occurred.  A suspended player who is a call-up for a higher division may serve the                                          remainder of his suspension as a call-up with the higher team, providing the team (the lower division                                  team) he is registered to has completed play for the year.  His/Her name must appear on the higher                                    teams scoresheet.     

43.         Discipline of a Member
    43.0.1            A Member may be fined, censured, suspended or expelled from Membership for cause and only after                                  charges have been laid in accordance with the Club’s published rules and a hearing held in accordance                                with the Club’s and OSA’s published rules.  An individual whose Membership has been suspended loses                              all rights of Membership until the suspension has been terminated.
    43.0.2            Player, team and team official discipline for game infractions is governed in accordance with the                                          procedures published by The OSA.
    43.0.3            Any Member, who infringes the Articles or rules of the Club or brings the Club into disrepute, may be                                  reprimanded, suspended or expelled from the Club after a hearing by the Board of Directors of the club                            at which hearing the Member is entitled to attend.

     K. Protests & Appeals

    44.0.1            Protests may be filed for any League or Playoff game within the jurisdiction of the League.
    44.0.2            The Board of the League shall deal with all protests.
    44.0.3            A deposit of $50.00 shall be required with any protest.  This deposit is refunded if the protest is upheld.
    44.0.4            Any protest relating to the ground, goal posts, crossbars, or other appurtenances of the game will not be                            entertained by the Board.
    44.0.5            Protests to items specifically covered in the GSL Constitution or its By-laws will not be entertained by the                            Board and will be rejected by the Secretary upon submission subject to the provisions contained in 5.0.6                            above.
    44.0.6            The decisions of the Board are binding.
  44.1        Submission of protest
    44.1.1            The protest, together with the fee, shall be delivered to the Secretary within 48 hours of the date of the                              game which is being protested, (Sundays, and Holidays excluded).
    44.1.2            A copy of the protest must be sent or delivered to the opposing team coach within the same time limit.
    44.1.3            If delivered by mail, protests must be Registered Mail. The post mark will be limiting date. If delivered in                            person, the executive who receives the protest will indicate the time and date and sign the protest.
    44.1.4            Mandatory Protest – When an objection has been lodged with the referee (ie. ineligible players), a                                        protest must be made to the Board, and no objection or protest can be withdrawn except by leave of                                  the Board at a Special General Meeting of the Board.

45.         Appeals
    45.0.1            Appeals may be made against the decision of the Board. The appeal will be submitted to the Secretary,                              and will specify in writing the exact nature of the appeal. Appeals must be lodged within 48 hours of the                            date of the original decision, (Sunday, and Holidays excluded) All appeals are to be sent or delivered as                                above protests.
    45.0.2            Any Member or registrant of the Club directly affected by a decision of the Club may appeal such                                          decision.  The denial or termination of Membership in the Club may be appealed by a non-Member.
    45.0.3            A decision of the Club may be appealed to the District Association with which the Club is affiliated.  The                              appeal shall be conducted in accordance with The O.S.A.’s and District Association’s published rules.
    45.0.4            An individual shall not appeal a decision made by the Board of Directors regarding the appointment, on-                            appointment, re-appointment or revocation of an appointment of an individual to any coach or                                            administrator position within the Club’s operations, except where the selection, appointment and                                        relocation process outlined in the Club’s published rules has not been followed.
    45.0.5            An individual shall not appeal a decision made by the Club regarding a player’s team assignment.
    45.0.6            Appeals to decisions based on items specifically covered in the GSL Constitution or its By-laws will not be                            entertained by the Board and will be rejected by the Secretary upon submission subject to the                                              provisions contained in 5.0.6 above.
45.1       Appeal fee
    45.1.1            The fee for such an appeal should be $100.00 by way of certified cheque or money order or cash and                                    must be sent with the appeal. Appeal fee to be returned in the case of the appeal being upheld.
  45.2        Limiting Date
    45.2.1            The date of the postmark will be taken as the limiting date or date and time signed by receiving                                            executive in hand delivered appeals.

46.         Dispute Resolution
    46.0.1            The Club shall adhere to the Dispute Resolution process as published and approved by The O.S.A. from                              time to time.
    46.0.2            Any Member of the Club may initiate the Dispute Resolution process by communicating in writing to The                            O.S.A., with a copy to the Club and District Association, the nature and facts of the dispute.  The O.S.A.,                                at its discretion, may proceed with Dispute Resolution process by assigning one or more neutral persons                            to the dispute.
    46.0.3            The Dispute Resolution process shall not be used for game discipline, which follows the normal                                             discipline and appeals process.
    46.0.4            The Club shall make available to any Member the Dispute Resolution process when requested.

    L. General

    47.0.1            The Club shall adhere to the Harassment Policy as published and approved by The O.S.A.
    47.0.2            The Harassment Policy shall apply to all employees, directors, officers, volunteers, coaches, game                                        officials, administrators, players, Members, and registrants for the Club.
    47.0.3            Harassment is defined as any comment, conduct, or gesture directed toward an individual or group of                                individuals which is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading or offensive.  It includes,                                  but is not limited to, sexual harassment.
    47.0.4            The League shall make available to any Member the Harassment Policy when requested.

48.         Accounts
    48.0.1            Should the League dissolve for whatever reason the monies in the general account would be held in                                    trust by the previous Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretary-treasurer and be made available to any                                  new Association representing soccer in Glengarry.                                                                                        

49.         Security
    49.0.1            As per EODSA regulations, all coaches/volunteers will be required to participate in an orientation that                               will introduce them to the clubs policies and expectations
    49.0.2            All personal information provided by volunteers will be held in strict confidentiality, and will only be                                    used to determine if the individual is suitable for the specific position.
    49.0.3            The following are the requirements from the EODSA for each risk level;    HIGH RISK (Competitive teams)
                       Coaches must fill out application form
                       Interview by committee
                       References checked
                       Police check
                       Club evaluation    MEDIUM RISK  (Recreational U16-U19 teams)
                       Application process
                       Police checks    LOW RISK  (Recreational Co-ed to U14 teams)
                       Application process    Coaching Boundaries
                       Coaches are to NEVER be alone with a player
                       Not be responsible for drinks/snacks
                       Shall be a role model, comply with dress code
                       Shall adhere to OSA and Club policies and principles